Mens Parka Coats

A selection of mens parka coats from top online retailers



If you haven't had to shop for a new parka in a while, you are about to be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of selection available to you. Men’s parka coats are still heavily insulated, but technological advances have allowed manufacturers to create very light and compact parkas for modern shoppers, although the traditional, puffier sort is still available.

For a polished, urbane look, try a leather-look parka with a removable fur hood. You'll look cool and feel toasty at the same time. The removable hood will allow you to adjust to the phases of winter--after all, some days you will feel like a lighter look, and other days you may appreciate having the option of a hood. There's nothing like a morning spent shovelling snow in blowing wind to make you wish you had a nice, cosy hood over your ear-muffs.

Lighter parkas are also available. Some designs even appear at first glance to be hooded sweatshirts, and would make a great casual look for a student or freelancer. For the hunter, excellent camouflage designs are available, and can even be found in safety orange. Almost all decent manufacturers will supply their customer with important features like good quality zippers and drawstrings, but make sure to check the functionality of these before purchasing your men’s parka coat. It's irritating to have a zipper break or a drawstring disappear when you need to get out the door. Also inspect the quality of fur collars--is it firmly attached, and does the material look nice? Is there enough padding to keep your back and shoulders comfortable if you need to wear a backpack? Moisture preventative coating is absolutely crucial for a good, daily use parka. Your coat is useless if it turns into a cold, sopping wet rag as soon as any snow or sleet melts on it, and endangers your health. Spacious pockets are a useful amenity as well--and if you're a frequent traveller, make sure you have secure, interior pockets for money, passports, and the like.

Another important consideration is the colour of your new parka. Keep in mind you will be able to wear a good item for years, possibly even a decade, so this is an important investment. Choosing a trendy design is enjoyable and fun, but also consider choosing a more classic one which will age well. It's worth it to spend a little more on a coat you will feel good wearing and one which will keep you comfortable for so many years to come. Take into account the colours you find yourself wearing the most, and make sure the coat you choose is harmonious with this colour scheme. For the most coordinated looks, match the colours of your boots and shoes to your parka. A rich, chocolate brown and velvety black coat is very flattering to all complexions, and will likely set off your clothing very well. However, a bright blue coat can make blue eyes or white hair really pop, especially in winter white conditions, and considerations such as these will please the ladies. Have fun selecting your new parka!